Academic Process

Institution follows Karnataka State Educational Board (KSEB) and CBSE syllabus and emphasizes on Students' overall development. Some of the focus areas are:

  • Connecting knowledge to life activities.
  • Learning to shift from rote methods.
  • Making education relevant to the present and future needs.
  • To enable the child to be the constructor of his own knowledge.
  • Our approach is to make the learners develop competencies, through various activities like symposium, debate, dramatization, pick and speak, riddles, making projects etc. To develop the 3R's in language learning and also the necessary skills in core subjects. Dissection and practical demonstration class in science enable the students to develop their practical knowledge.
  • We lay importance on 'learning by doing' so that the knowledge is retained for ever.
  • Periodically, once-after each test, we conduct Parent-Teachers meeting which help the parents to know about the progress of their wards.

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