Play is the heart of nursery curriculum.

A nursery school is a place where young children learn as they play with material and share experience with children and teachers. The activities are divided for the total personality development of the children. The objectives are to develop a good physique, adequate muscular and basic motor skills, to develop healthy habits, to develop desirable social attitudes and manners to stimulate intellectual curiosity and encourage creativity. To develop in the children, the ability to express their simple thoughts and feelings in fluent, correct and clear speech.

Identification of Geometrical shapes: Children earn classification from simple sorting to multi classification. Assembling of different shapes and forms, patterns, using the shapes and at later stage matching of shapes with objects. This will help in the assimilation of knowledge. Power of observation and ability to recognize and classify them.

Numerical activity: Children understand the concept of number with the help of material such as threading the beads, pink towers, numerical rods etc... Numbers become concrete and meaningful to children when taught in a fine practical approach for developing mathematical facilities.

The activity loved most by the children is coloring the picture, learn different colour combination and appreciate colour patterns. Their fingers are exercised and they develop nimbleness in the use of finger.

Language development: Children have a great fascination of stories. Stories presented with bright coloured chart help the children to form a significant image sequence. It develops power observation, motivate them to build reading vocabulary this is one of the effective mean of language learning.

Story Narration

The story narration is one of the important learning methods in children. It improves language, listening skill and imagination. Story Dramatization helps in enacting, improves vocabulary, and Conversational skills.

The story models prepared by teachers make the children more creative.

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