Investiture Ceremony 2018-19

"Anyone can steer a ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course"

The investiture ceremony is a platform to showcase the leadership skills and abilities of our students. No doubt, it is the most prestigious ceremony in the schedule of the school events that make a significant beginning of the new academic session.

SSVM Association conducted the investiture ceremony of the student council for the academic session 2018-19 in the School Premises.

  • The day's programme was brought into being by smart, crisp, march past of the newly elected school council comprising Boys' SPL (Student Pupil Leader), Boys' ASPL (Assistant Student Pupil Leader), Girls' SPL, Girls' ASPL, house captains and Vice-Captains, Volunteer Leaders, Secretaries of cultural club and sports club. The bold music played by the band instilled pride in marching students.
  • The School choir rendered an invocation song on Goddess Saraswathi to pay obeisance to the Almighty and seek her blessing.
  • The regular programme of this propitious day commenced with the traditional way of lighting the lamp, and student leaders were conferred with badges.
  • The newly elected office leaders of student council headed by Boys' SPL pledged to work earnestly to uphold the honor and glory of the institution.
  • Atmosphere became active and enthusiastic due to the song and drill dance by the respective houses and a mind blowing 'Quiz' was conducted to the four houses. The highlight of the day's programme was 'A School Anthem' being dedicated by newly elected Boys' SPL Suhas.
Investiture Program Investiture Program Investiture Program

Our Honourable Secretary and Principal addressed the assemblage. In the speech, they highlighted responsibility of an eminent leader and reiterated that only unity and dedication among the students could enable the institution to scale to new heights of excellence.

The investiture ceremony came to a close with the vote of thanks by Srihari Adiga of IX A which was followed by distribution of sweets to the staff and students.

Talent's Day Celebrations 2017-18

The most awaited celebrations of the season had a grand start on 4th November 2017 by the students of Somanahalli Branch(From I Standard to VII Standard)at Somanahalli.

Mr.Muniraje Gowda–President Village Panchayath and Mr.Pawan Rangaswamy Member of Taluk Panchayath inaugurated the function.

This was followed by celebrations from 8th November till 11th November 2017 at G.S.Sharma Smaraka "Sree Saraswathi Kalakshetra" Main school campus, V.V.Puram. The first day of theses celebrations styled "UTTUNGA” was presented by C.K.A, M.P and G.P Branches Middle Sections and inaugurated by Hon'ble Chief Guest Mrs.Anuradha.T.K - Project Director ISRO. In her address to the gathering she made a comparison of how rockets take utmost caution and responsibility in launching and placing the satellite in GEO stationary orbit, so much so the teaching faculty and parents have to be vigilant and highly responsible to set the right track for students on both academic and moral education till they achieve their goals.

On 9th November 2017 styled "CHITTARA" by Nursery, Primary and Middle Section of (Main) School, V.V.Puram, on 10th November 2017 styled "CHIGURU" by C.K.A, M.P and G.P Branches (Nursery Section) and on 11th November 2017 styled "JHENKARA" by High School Section were held.The Chief Guest of the valedictory celebration on 11th November 2017 was Dr.Mahesh Joshi, Deputy Director of Dooradarshan, South Zone. He highlighted on the achievements of Late.G.S. Sharma and urged the students to follow the line. At the close of every day's celebrations the august gathering left with sweet memories of the fabulous entertainment they tasted during the occasion.

Talent's Day Celebrations 2017-18 Talent's Day Celebrations 2017-18 Talent's Day Celebrations 2017-18

Teacher's Day Celebrations - 2017

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birthday is dedicated to Teachers. Dr. Radhakrishnan was professor of Philosophy at the University of Mysore and went on to become Vice President and President of India. When some of his friends asked him if they could celebrate his birthday, he replied saying it would be his proud privilege if his birthday i.e., 5th September was observed as Teachers day. The day since then, has been celebrated in India as Teachers day. SSVM group of schools celebrated this day in a unique way through cultural programs by the teaching staff of all the branches. The teachers were honored with gifts followed by lunch.

Teacher's Day Celebrations - 2017 Teacher's Day Celebrations - 2017 Teacher's Day Celebrations - 2017 Teacher's Day Celebrations - 2017

X-plora 2017

The fabulous event of the academic year 2017-18 under style “X- plora-2017, Innovation Hub” of S.S.V.M group of schools was held on 12th August 2017, simultaneously at all the branches. The objective of this event was to provide a platform for the students to showcase the knowledge acquired through learning and to bring out their hidden talents. The projects displayed right from the “Tiny tots” of nursery to the High school level on science, Mathematics, Geography, community, Literature (Sanskrit, Kannada, Hindi and English), were innovative, creative and admirable. The students utilized this golden opportunity for exhibiting their knowledge and ideas and presented in their own unique way. The projects on various fields of knowledge numbering around 250 in main school and 100 each in branches were presented.

The chief guest for the event was Smt. Manjula Devi M.N who is Principal of Police Public School and also a member of local affiliation committee for CBSE Schools. The programme had an auspicious start with “Lighting of the Lamp” followed by invocation of Lord Ganesha highlighting the entire theme of “X- plora 2017” was presented. Smt. Manjula Devi addressed the gathering recalling the contribution of our Ancient Bharath in all fields of Science, Math etc. which was followed by the Inauguration of the Exhibition. The projects in all the categories were graded and prizes were awarded to students in recognition of their contribution. The campus bloomed with over-flowing visitors and the programme was an enjoyable and exciting one not only for the students but for everyone. The programme ended with the vote of thanks.

X-plora 2017 X-plora 2017 X-plora 2017

The Management presented the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff with gifts which are worth memorable. The experience of the day was an unforgettable and enjoyable one in the history of S.S.V.M

A Celebration – Unison of divinity and culture.

"A good teacher is a supreme art of God to awaken a pupil’s soul, knowledge and expression”.

S.S.V.M had a unique manner of celebrating the Teachers ‘day and the immersion of Lord Vidya Ganapathi on 08-09-2016 Thursday.

The Teaching faculty of various branches of S.S.V.M. Created an air of melody by dedicating songs to Lord Ganesha and about the greatness of the service of Teachers to the society.

A Celebration – Unison of divinity and culture. A Celebration – Unison of divinity and culture. A Celebration – Unison of divinity and culture.

The Management presented the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff with gifts which are worth memorable. The experience of the day was an unforgettable and enjoyable one in the history of S.S.V.M

70th Independence Day Celebration -2016

" 'Freedom in the mind,
Faith in the words,
Pride in our souls',
Let's salute the nation on this auspicious day"

70th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at SSVM Main School Premises with the august gathering of The Management, Staff, Students and the Parents. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the Chief Guest Sri P. G. Subramanya Shastri and our beloved Principal unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang 'National Anthem' and 'Vande Mataram' and expressed our pride of freedom.

This was followed by the cultural events and the highlights of the day were

  • Welcome speech delivered by Pradyumna of G P Branch.
  • The patriotic song sung by the choir of High School students that impressed everyone and kindled our patriotism.
  • A dance performance by our students of main middle section that highlighted the greatness and cultural values of our nation.
  • The defining moment of the entire programme the 'Human pyramid' which rocked the campus.
Independence Day Celebration Independence Day Celebration Independence Day Celebration

The programme of the day came to a close with the delivery of Vote of Thanks by Pranathi of Main Middle section which was followed by the rendition of the National Anthem.

Annual Day Celebration 2015-2016

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see".

S.S.V.M Group of Schools targeted to showcase the talent of the students right from tiny steps to giant leaps, through varieties of cultural activities.

As per the custom, the celebration commenced with the lighting of lamp by our honorable Secretary and our beloved Principal. The celebration had a start on 20.01.2016 with the programmes presented by, "Main Nursery, Primary and Middle Section" in our auditorium "Sree Saraswathi Kalakshethra". The theme of the Kindergarten programmes mainly focused on "Rain – The Elixir of Life". To our surprise, we had a heavy unexpected showers in the early evening on that day, which everyone felt as the blessings of the Almighty. No doubt the programme was a fabulous success with the utmost co-operation of the parents.

The continuity of the celebrations are as follows:

  • 21.01.2016 – CKA, MP, GP – Nursery and Primary Section.
  • 22.01.2016 – CKA, MP, GP – Middle Section
  • 23.01.2016 – High School (Main)

At the closure of the celebration, our Venerable Secretary addressed the august gathering in which he appreciated the students who had presented the cultural activities in an elegant and interesting ways.

Founder's Day Celebration 2015-2016

1st of July is a day, entire family of SSVM comprising of Management, Teaching staff, Non-teaching staff and students celebrate their Founder's Day.

All National Festivals are celebrated with zest and fervor. All the activities are conducted by the Students themselves. The days to be cherished forever in our hearts and souls are Teacher's day were students honor their teachers, Children's day where teachers show their love and affection and make students feel on top of the world.

We also celebrate the Annual Sports & Cultural event to showcase the talent of our students.

Inauguration of “Sri.G.S.Sharma Memorial & Sree Saraswathi Kalashetra”

His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Veereshananda Saraswathi, Ramakrishna Ashram, Tumkur. The highlights of the programme.

Consecration of the idol of Goddess Saraswathi was performed amidst melodious song on the divine power.

  • 'Unveiling the bust of our Honourable Organiser' by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Veereshananda Saraswathi Swamiji of Ramkrishna Ashram, Tumkur, during the programme the overwhelmed august gathering presented a standing ovation in appreciation of the vision of our Management and reminiscence of the dedication of our beloved Organiser for education. Swamiji enlightened the audience by his thought provoking speech which threw light on the values of time, duties of students and that of innovative teachers which are essential for the glorious future of the society and the nation.
  • The highlight of the Day's programme was the cultural programme staged by the multi farious talented students of S.S.V.M the glimpse of which was as follows:
  • Classical Vocal concert by Aditi & Party
    (a) A Song on Goddess Saraswathi
    (b) A Song – “Shiva Sambo”
  • 'Nrithya Nataka' on 'Nava Durgi Vaibhava' and 'Ramayana in precise'

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